5 Reasons You Should Buy Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Made In U.S.A.

Buy Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Made In U.S.A

Toilet paper is something every single one of us purchases, but it's not something we think about or talk about very often. The average American spends approximately $182 per year on toilet paper and over $11,000 in a lifetime. It's an expense that we all should think about more and make it more intentional. I urge you to switch and buy eco friendly toilet paper that is made in the U.S.A and there's 5 reasons you should.

The eco-friendly toilet paper made in the U.S.A that I'm referring to is Bumroll.

Bumroll is a brand like no other and I'm sharing why you need to switch. Bumroll has a great price.

Bumroll is priced very competitively so you can make the better choice without your wallet thinning too much. Remember, toilet paper is a product we all buy anyways, so Bumroll gives an option that is sustainable, recyclable and ethically sourced.

Bumroll is providing employment opportunities.

This soft toilet paper is locally and ethically sourced. Providing many local employment opportunities and giving workers fair and stable work and income, Bumroll is a wonderful place to work.

Bumroll is partnered with the National Forest Foundation.

Does the toilet paper brand you use right now plant trees? Probably not, I'd guess. Bumroll does! Bumroll is partnered with the National Forest Foundation and plants a tree everytime a subscription box is purchased. We're committed to contributing to the earth's depleting oxygen source. 

Everything Bumroll puts out is either 100% sustainable, recyclable or compostable.

You won't find another toilet paper brand that cares like Bumroll. We have a passion for creating a quality toilet paper product that is good for our planet too. Packaged in recyclable boxes and wrapped in recyclable paper, Bumroll toilet paper is unlike any other you've used. 

Bumroll cares about the planet.

Can you say that about the toilet paper brand you're currently using? Bumroll cares about the current state of the earth and the future of it for the next and future generations. We do everything we can to ensure we do our part in making the world a healthier place. 

Bumroll is doing the work to ensure everything is ethically and locally sourced. We plant a tree for every subscription box purchases because we care about earth's oxygen. For the now and for the future. We give back in ways that other toilet paper brands don't because we care.

Bumroll is the best eco friendly toilet paper made in the U.S.A.

We plant trees and love the planet. We're a toilet paper brand doing things differently and we think it's worth mentioning it to you. Bumroll is the eco friendly toilet paper you should switch to. Quality, and made with love and care for our planet, Bumroll is like no other. Ethically sourced, made with care, recyclable and sustainable, Bumroll  does everything it can to give back to future generations.