Best Toilet Paper Brands in the USA

Understanding Septic Safe Toilet Paper

Best Toilet Paper Brands in the USA

The importance of using septic-safe toilet paper is very high if you have a septic system. A septic tank is a large container that household water flows through for basic treatment. A septic system typically lasts anywhere from 15-40 years. The septic tank needs to be emptied every 2-5 years depending on how many people live in the house, and local regulations. It’s important to use your septic system correctly and avoid using it as a trash container.

In order to take the best care of your septic system, it’s important to note a few things. Items such as cigarette butts, paper towels, and anything with latex are hazardous to your septic system. Care and maintenance of a septic system are very important components. It’s important to stay on top of this as septic repairs can get very expensive.

One of the most important things to note surrounding proper care for your septic system is to ensure you’re using septic-safe toilet paper. It’s important to not over-use toilet paper as it will clog up the tank and make additional emptying necessary. Bumroll is a new toilet paper brand that is changing the way we view the product itself.

It is toilet paper that is safe for every septic system. With its unique design of both softwood and hardwood trees, along with the custom formation of each fibre, this toilet paper is a quality paper that won’t disappoint. Bumroll toilet paper is soft, strong, and absorbent. Bumroll is a toilet paper subscription that is safe for all septic systems, convenient, reliable, and so much more.

With Bumroll, you can customize the delivery window to best suit the needs of your household and ensure you don’t run out. You can scratch toilet paper off of your grocery list from now on, and enjoy that it comes right to your doorstep. Bumroll toilet paper also plants a tree for every subscription box purchased. They are partnered with the National Forest Foundation and are committed to reforesting the planet. By purchasing a Bumroll subscription box you are contributing to trees being planted right in the United States.

Bumroll toilet paper is made to be completely biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, and sustainable. It is made with the utmost intention to create an environmentally friendly product that serves its purpose, along with being safe for all septic systems. Using septic-safe toilet paper can prolong the life of your septic system and make maintenance much easier. The chance of the tank getting clogged or overflowing is much lower with using the proper toilet paper.

Bumroll toilet paper is one of the best toilet paper brands in the USA. Made with quality, and with affordability in mind, Bumroll is the toilet paper you need in your restroom. It’s soft, strong, absorbent and will flow with the water through the septic system easily. Bumroll makes the best toilet paper in all of America and is a brand everyone should support.