Keeping Your RV Trip Stress - Free with RV Toilet Paper

 Free with RV Toilet Paper

There is nothing quite like hitting the road in an RV. Whether you are setting off for a week in a peaceful campground, or traveling to an awe-inspiring location like the Grand Canyon, RV life is some of the best living there is.

In fact, according to the latest research, in the US, the RV industry makes $18 billion in sales a year. In Canada, the RV industry generates over $7 billion in sales a year. Americans bought nearly half a million recreational vehicles in 2018, with the industry bringing in more than $20 billion in revenue. (Source:

What is RV toilet paper?

With so many RV sales, vendors are focusing on this subgroup of consumers to bring high-quality products to them made specifically for RV use. One of the best examples of such a product is RV toilet paper, which is bath tissue made specifically for use in an RV. Due to smaller tanks and more intricate systems, toilets fitted inside an RV are not made to handle typical toilet papers.

Using the restroom is a simple part of life but no where can doing so create so many problems than in an RV. If you’ve ever been in an RV when the tanks become clogged, you’re likely nodding in agreement, especially in memory of the smelly, messy problems that ensued.

Why you should use RV toilet paper

Obviously, there’s no better way to ruin an RV trip or camping trip than driving around with a toilet that is clogged. The convenience of having a toilet available whenever needed on a trip can be overshadowed by the inconvenience of having one that doesn’t work or smells like sewage. This is why it is extremely important to use the right kind of toilet paper that has been especially made to work with an RV sewage system.

What makes RV toilet paper special?

When toilet is made specifically for an RV sewage system, it will disintegrate faster and be less likely to clog the tank. One way to check the toilet paper you purchase to make sure it is indeed safe to use in your RV is to fill a jar with water and put some of the toilet tissue paper in it.After shaking vigorously, you should be able to see the RV toilet paper begin to disintegrate.

Where do you buy RV toilet paper?

Buying toilet tissue paper that is made specifically to be used in an RV wastewater system isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Brands like Joinbumroll can be used in an RV and purchased at extremely low prices, despite its softness and plushness.You don’t have to go to a camping specialty store to find the right toilet tissue to use, nor do you have to spend premium prices to get the right kind. Not only that, but it is perfume free, and can be used on sensitive skin.