Planting Trees


Trees play a crucial part of Earth.

There are more than 3.04 trillion trees on Earth and each tree is valuable and important. In fact, trees have such important roles for health benefits, along with benefits for the Earth. Trees absorb pollution, resulting in cleaner air for us to breath. Trees take Co2 from the atmosphere and absorb it removing the carbon, and storing it in their leaves. Trees can also absorb harmful gasses. One tree can provide a daily oxygen intake for 4 people. Trees are so important. The need to be planting more trees is huge. When you purchase your subscription box from Bumroll, they plant a tree with The National Forest Foundation and help their mission of planting 50 million trees. 

Trees provide shade.

Trees shade people, plants, and animals when the sun is beating down it’s harmful, and intensely hot rays. By blocking these rays, trees are saving people, and animals from sunburn or more serious conditions. 

Trees have positive benefits for mental health.

Trees provide a calm and serene space. Being in nature has proven to have incredible benefits for mental health. The shade, the calmness, and the wonderment of where one tree ends and one begins can all help to take away any stress or chaos in your mind. Nature is known for reducing anxieties, stresses, and calming people down. 

More trees need to be planted, and guess what, Bumroll plants trees!!

Yes, you read that right. Bumroll plants a tree with the National Forest Foundation every time a subscription box is purchased. The National Forest Foundation (NFF) planted more than 5.6 million trees in 2020 which resulted in more than 18,000 acres being reforested. Bumroll is committed to giving back to our depleting oxygen source. Bumroll is invested in today, and in the world for the future. Bumroll is working towards creating a greener Earth for the future generations to come.

Bumroll is invested in today by locally sourcing its products, and invested in tomorrow by creating jobs and treating its employees in an ethical way.

Bumroll does not compromise on quality to deliver results either. You can expect the soft pillow-like feel, along with a strong tissue that is strong and absorbent. Bumroll is 100% sustainable, dye and BPA free. It is also safe for every septic system.  Bumroll is toilet paper made in the USA.

Toilet paper is something everyone has to purchase, all the time.

If you HAVE to purchase it, why not purchase one that is working towards a brighter, greener, and healthier future? Bumroll is doing everything it can to give back, along with creating employment opportunities and planting trees. Bumroll is safe, sustainable, and locally sourced along with ethically created. It’s toilet paper that is paving a path to a greener and healthier world. It’s toilet paper that is creating employment. It’s a company that is not out to enlarge our pocket books, but rather to leave a meaningful impact on Earth.