Reasons Why You Should Buy Recycled Only

Recycled Toilet Paper Made In USA

Recycled Toilet Paper Made In USA

Toilet paper is something we are all buying, but are we all aware of its massive impact?

An average of 27,000 trees are cut down each day simply for the production of toilet paper. It also takes 37 gallons of water to produce just one roll of toilet paper. Not to mention all the pollution from the actual manufacturing of the paper. So the environmental impact of using, producing, and being rid of toilet paper is massive, and it’s something that we all need to stop, learn, educate, and change how we’re doing things so that the world can change too.

Recycled toilet paper that is made in the USA uses less energy and less water during production.

The result of this is less waste and less pollution for the environment. Recycled toilet paper also results in fewer trees being cut down for the production. This lets the trees remain planted in the ground and doing their job for us, like cleaning the air, being a habitat, and providing shade.

There is no bleaching in the production process.

Bleaching is the process of making the toilet paper very white. With recycled toilet paper made in the USA, there is no bleaching and no chemicals in the production process. Bleaching the tissue has no benefit to the paper, or to the person. It just makes the paper white. However, because the paper is bleached so intensely, it requires extra water to rinse the chemical off. Using recycled toilet paper helps to reduce this.

Bumroll toilet paper is the recycled toilet paper you need!

This is toilet paper that is 100% recycled and even arrives at you wrapped in recycled paper rather than plastic like the traditional toilet paper. Bumroll is a brand that is committed to a brighter and healthier planet and is equally committed to doing its part to make that happen. Everything Bumroll puts into the world is either compostable, recyclable or certified sustainable.

Bumroll toilet paper is soft.

Many believe that recycled toilet paper is rough. On the contrary, Bumroll is a high-quality, highly absorbent toilet paper that will exceed your expectations. Though the production process is different, the quality of the paper is still pristine.

Bumroll toilet paper is safe for all septic systems.

This recycled toilet paper is safe for all sewer and septic systems. Don’t worry about plugging up the toilet again with this toilet paper. Soft, absorbent, chemical, ink, and dye-free.

Bumroll toilet paper is a brand that genuinely cares about the earth.

The health of the planet is at the forefront of every thought Bumroll has. Partnered with the National Forest Foundation, Bumroll also plants a tree for every subscription box purchased. Not only saving the trees by not cutting down as many for the production but also committed to reforesting the planet, one tree at a time