Recycled Toilet Paper 2 Ply

Recycled Toilet Paper 2 Ply

Understanding the Environmental Impact of Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is something that is probably on all of our grocery lists.

It’s a necessary item that we try to avoid running out of. It is something that is always on our shopping lists. But have you ever thought of the environmental impact that stems from using this everyday item? I urge you to take a moment and be a bit more mindful when making this purchase.

Traditional toilet paper is made with virgin pulp.

This process of manufacturing toilet paper is very wasteful. The method of cleaning and preparing the pulp requires 140 litres of water to make one single roll of toilet paper. The carbon footprint of toilet paper made from virgin pulp is significantly higher than toilet paper made with recycled waste paper. This is something that Bumroll is aware of and puts significant care into. Bumroll is a toilet paper brand that manufactures high-quality recycled toilet paper two ply right in the USA. Bumroll is a local, small business that gives stable employment to many fellow Americans. Bumroll sources all materials from local resources ethically.

Every part of manufacturing toilet paper has a massive environmental impact and, essentially, environmental consequences.

An average of 27,000 trees is cut down every day for toilet paper production. That, alongside the 140 litres of water used to make just a single roll of toilet paper, and keep in mind the average American uses 57 sheets per day. We are at a time when we need to be aware of the health of the environment, and it’s impacts. Using recycled toilet paper two-ply is making that change and being a part of the change.

Bumroll toilet paper is 100% recycled.

Everything Bumroll puts into the world is either compostable, recyclable, recycled, or certified sustainable. Bumroll is made with recycled waste paper and is chemical and dye-free. As a result, Bumroll creates less water waste and has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional toilet paper brands. Environmental safety and health are at the forefront of everything that Bumroll does. 

Bumroll is partnered with the National Forest Foundation.

It is their mission to reforest the planet. Every time a subscription box is purchased, Bumroll plants a tree! Trees are so crucial for the health of our world, air, and, basically, everything, and Bumroll knows that.

Bumroll is safe for every sewer system.

It’s safe to use in every toilet. However, it’s essential to understand the environmental impact in creating traditional toilet paper so that we can make changes to better the planet and better its health. Everything is recycled and made with the environment in mind, from the entire manufacturing process to the packaging and the wrapping. Bumroll toilet paper is certified sustainable and recyclable and has a custom delivery option so you can ensure you receive it exactly when you need it. Bumroll is a toilet paper brand that truly cares about the environment, the planet, and creating high-quality toilet paper for you to enjoy.