Save Your Behind and Throw Away the Wet Wipes

Save Your Behind and Throw Away the Wet Wipes

Many adults are convinced that using wet wipes to clean their behind is the most effective way to clean yourself back there after you are done using the bathroom. If you want an idea of how high the demand for wet wipes is, just look at the numbers alone. The wet wipe industry in the United Kingdom alone makes about 500 million pounds (about $778 million) every year (Martinko, 2018). After all, if they were created for babies, how bad can they be...right?

Wrong! Experts and surgeons recommend against using wet wipes on your anal region for several reasons. Wet wipes are filled with fragrances and preservatives that should not come in contact with human skin. So, you should try environmentally sustainable toilet paper

Poses a Risk to the Health of Your Anus:

Your anus is covered in bad bacteria as well as good bacteria (similar to your skin). The good bacteria is needed to protect your body from the bad bacteria. In other words, the more good bacteria you have, the less the bad bacteria will be able to grow and spread. When you are wiping your behind with wet wipes, you are disrupting the balance of good and bad bacteria in your anus. Sure, you might be getting rid of the bad bacteria, but you are also removing the good bacteria which weakens your body overall. This imbalance can lead to various health problems such as bacterial infections, fungal infections, irritation, or rashes. Even those brands are guilty of removing the good bacteria and making your anus prone to infection.

Wet wipes can also pose a health hazard due to the significant amount of moisture they carry. After wiping themselves, people tend to pull up their pants right away. This locks the moisture in between the pants and skin not allowing it to dry off. The moisture stays stuck there and starts to rot. Continually locking the moisture in like this can possibly lead to a build-up of bad bacteria and irritation. This can really worry individuals because this buildup can feel like the person has hemorrhoids. If you suspect anything that you think might be a buildup of bad bacteria, it is important to call your doctor right away.

Pose a Risk for the Environment:

Wet wipes also cause a problem if they are being constantly flushed down the toilet. They end up clogging toilets and causing them to overflow. They also clog up city sewers which negatively affects the overall health of the toilet ecosystem. New York City was reported to have spent about $18 million on wipe-related repairs over a span of five years (Martinko, 2018). That money is coming out of the taxpayers' accounts along with the price to purchase the wet wipe in the first place. Is the cost of convenience worth the price and health risk? A much safer and healthier alternative would be to use environment friendly toilet paper and organic toilet paper instead!

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