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sustainable toilet paper

Here’s Why You Need To Care About Sustainability and How To Bring It Into Your Life

Being sustainable is a very important part of living. It means to reduce the amount of Earth’s resources you’re using in order to protect them. It affects health, environment, and the economy in many different ways. Sustainability can feel like a complex topic, and maybe one that you’re not comfortable exploring. When making purchases, it’s important to buy things that are sustainable and from brands that make sustainability a priority.

Live a sustainable life with ease

This is very important. Living a sustainable life has impacts in all areas. A few ways you can incorporate sustainability into your life are -

  • drive less often, and walk/ride your bike more
  • reduce the amount you throw out, and recycle more
  • start composting
  • purchase locally
  • turn lights off when you’re done with them (reduce your energy)
  • go paperless 
  • grow your own fruits and vegetables to eat
  • switch to using sustainable toilet paper made in the USA (switch to Bumroll)
  • eat less meat (contributing to less pollution in the meat industry)
  • recycle everything that you can
  • use recyclable alternatives (ex - refillable water bottles instead of plastic)
  • use renewable energy
  • donate things  you’re not using anymore
  • use a rain bucket to catch rain water to use to water your gardens
  • don’t waste food - place leftovers in the fridge or freezer
  • use environmentally-friendly cleaning products

There are many purchases that we make that we probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about. One of those is toilet paper. It’s important to purchase sustainable toilet paper made in the USA.

Bumroll is a toilet paper brand that makes the planet it’s highest of concerns and actively works to reduce its carbon footprint daily. Purchasing sustainable toilet paper made in the USA has huge impacts on the environment.

Everything Bumroll puts into the world is either compostable, recyclable, or sustainable. It’s a brand that cares about the planet for today and also for future generations.

Bumroll is partnered with The National Forest Foundation and is committed to helping our planet rather than being a part of hurting it. For every subscription box purchased Bumroll plants one tree. Bumroll is part of the solution.

They are a part of reforesting the planet. Approximately 27,000 trees are cut down each day simply for the production of toilet paper.

This is an issue that more people need to be aware of. Living a sustainable life is very important. Making sustainable purchases, and supporting brands that value sustainability is also very important.

Everything Bumroll puts into the world is either certified sustainable, recyclable, or compostable. The planet's health is one of Bumroll’s first concerns.

Crafted with earth at mind, no dyes, no chemicals, and no other harsh stuff, Bumroll toilet paper is soft, strong, and a quality toilet paper you will want to use everywhere.

And guess what? You can! Bumroll is safe for all septic and sewer systems. It’s a sustainable choice you can switch to today.