The Evolution of Toilet Paper

The Evolution of Toilet Paper

The Corona Virus had people rushing to the store in masses to get their stock of bulk toilet paper during the shutdown. Now more than ever, we can recognize the value that toilet paper holds in American society. While we may have been privileged enough to have access to bathroom tissue our whole lives, it was not always available to our ancestors and members of other societies. 

History of Toilet Paper Around the Globe

Modern toilet paper was first invented in the 1800s and continued to upgrade until the mid-20th century. Before the toilet tissue was invented, people would clean themselves after using the bathroom in various ways depending on the climate or their social hierarchy. Some of the more common ways to wipe your behind during ancient times were to use stones, seashells, animal furs, water, and snow. The ancient Romans commonly used communal sponges, ceramic pieces, or leaves to use the bathroom. In fact, it was common for Romans to write the names of their enemies on broken pieces of pottery before wiping their behind with it.

On the other hand, the Italians preferred to use small pieces of cloth when cleaning themselves after using the bathroom. Being able to use a cloth to wipe your behind was considered a luxury during that time.

The Chinese discovered hygiene sticks in 1992. These sticks were instruments made from various kinds of wood, such as bamboo. They looked similar to what a modern-day spatula looks like. The ends of the sticks were wrapped with a cloth.

When Paper Was First Used As a Wipe

The Chinese first introduced the idea of using paper as a toilet wipe in the sixth century. This idea gained wide popularity, and the Chinese were manufacturing ten million toilet paper packages on an annual basis. By the 15th century, paper was widely available in the Eastern world.

The Origin of Paper in America

Before toilet paper, Americans would often use corn cobs to clean themselves after using the bathroom. When magazines and newspapers were created in the 1800s, people started to use them to wipe themselves. The Sears catalog was a favorite among Americans since it usually came to their house for free. Toilet paper was introduced to the United States of America much later in 1857.

Joseph Gayetty invented “medicated paper” that contained hemp and aloe in it. Gayetty was very proud of his creation and printed his name on every single sheet. Gayetty’s version of toilet paper came in packages that resembled Kleenex boxes. Gayetty’s invention did not become widely used in America because Americans were not ready to give up the Sears catalog, a free form of toilet paper.

The first perforated toilet paper rolls did not come into the market until 1890. Two brothers named Irvin and Clarence Scott invented it and started selling it to drugstores and hotels. This secure trade allowed the Scott brother’s brand to become more successful than Gatetty’s brand. However, Americans were still very ashamed to purchase a product that had anything to do with their bodily functions. Unlike Gayetty, the Scott brothers were not proud of the nature of the work and did not put their names on the product they were selling. It was not until 1902 that the Scott brothers first publicly claimed their invention.

Since then, the progression of toilet paper manufacturing has allowed it to become a more robust, softer, and more absorbent product. Since it was first introduced in America, the growing rate of the toilet paper industry has made it more of an American household essential now more than ever. It exists in almost every single home in America. Therefore, what better way to help the environment than to create an environment friendly toilet paper that can be found in almost all American homes?

Switch to eco-friendly toilet paper

A report issued by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) in 2019 shed light on some of the major toilet paper brands and how they are posing a risk for the environment. This report went semi-viral. Over the last few years, the toilet paper industry has been going through a revolution for more eco-friendly toilet papers. Various companies have launched products that claim to be more eco-friendly and sustainable than traditional toilet paper.

However, our brand of toilet paper is the only brand to be nationally certified by The Forest Stewardship Council as being 100% sustainable. Other toilet papers also use bleach to make toilet paper that beautiful white color we are used to seeing. We also whiten our toilet paper using safer methods than bleach.

Other toilet paper is also made in other countries. Bumroll’s toilet paper is made right here in the United States of America. The United States of America is the largest consumer of toilet paper around the globe, followed closely by the United Kingdom and Germany. By supporting our toilet paper, you will be supporting the American economy and helping to create more jobs for the current and future generations. Also, transporting toilet paper from overseas required many more resources than if the toilet paper is made locally. These resources can often harm the environment as well.

Mother Nature has so many beautiful qualities, and it is important for us to preserve these qualities. Making the decision to practice a more sustainable lifestyle starts with your very own home. Toilet paper is a product that almost every American household needs to purchase. Therefore, making the choice to switch to a more environmentally friendly toilet paper will make your home more sustainable and help save our precious environment.

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