Tissue Paper Manufacturers In USA - 5 Items You Need Inside Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a high-traffic area that often doesn't get enough focus.

Think about it. Look how often we use the bathroom for a variety of reasons. Then, consider how many people live in your household and how many washrooms your home has. Today I'm sharing with you 8 items your bathroom needs.

First on the list is incredible towels. Towels are something that is worth spending a bit more money on to get an excellent quality. They aren't usually anything that requires replacing very often. Find something soft and that feels good on your skin. Look for something absorbent and quick-drying as well. This will allow it to dry your body and hair, while drying pretty quickly in time for the next shower.


The second item you need inside your bathroom is flowers. Flowers are such a light and fresh way to decorate. It's a great way to get that serotonin boost every time you go into the washroom.

toilet paper

The third item on this list is likely the most important. The kind of toilet paper you choose is so important. Tissue paper manufacturers in the USA produce mass amounts of waste and pollution while creating toilet paper, and Bumroll is a brand that is doing it differently. Conscious of their carbon footprint, everything that Bumroll puts into the world is either compostable, recyclable or certified sustainable. Bumroll is a toilet paper brand that puts care into the production of its toilet paper. Bumroll is also partnered with the National Forest Foundation, and for every subscription box sold, Bumroll plants a tree. Committed to the reforesting of the planet and saving and maintaining our forests, Bumroll is a brand that you can feel great about displaying in your bathroom. It is from a small tissue paper manufacturer in the USA and a brand that genuinely cares. Wrapped in recycled paper, and delivered to you when you need it most, Bumroll arrives to you in a recycled box even. This is the toilet paper you want in your washroom.

hand towels

Next on the list are hand towels. Hand towels are very handy to have and perfect for little hands to grab on their own. Opt for something that is highly absorbent and quick drying for optimal use. (Meaning that it would dry in between uses.)

The last item you need to ensure your bathroom is equipped with is proper bins and zipper pouches to store all your personal items under the cupboard in a neat and tidy way. Perhaps items like make up and bobby pins might belong here as well, and the zipper pouches would be a great way to stay organized.

There you have it. These five items are essential to have in your bathroom. Note, though that the most important is the sustainable and recyclable toilet paper from Bumroll. Soft, strong, and durable, this toilet paper brand is one you'll feel good about displaying.