Toilet Paper Facts to Inspire You to Buy Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Made in U.S.A

Toilet Paper Facts to Inspire You

Toilet paper is one of those necessary evils.

Most households purchase toilet paper on a consistent basis. It is a reoccurring cost, and it is largely impacted by the quality of the product itself. Toilet paper can get costly along with being very wasteful and contributing to pollution and waste. Today I am talking about toilet paper facts that will inspire you to buy eco-friendly toilet paper made in U.S.A. I am sharing why you need to purchase Bumroll toilet paper and never look back.

Paper makes up around 26% of total waste at landfills.

Why do we want to contribute to that? Bumroll is made with 100% recycled material, right down to it’s packaging and wrapping being sustainable and recyclable.

The average American uses approximately 24 rolls of toilet paper every year.

Now think about that if you are not using a toilet paper that is sustainable and recyclable. Toilet paper is something that is used extensively around the world. And while there is a massive population that does not use toilet paper, there is an even more enormous population that does.

Bleach and other chemicals are typically used in the production phase of toilet paper.

Bumroll does not use any dyes, chemicals or any harsh ingredients whatsoever. Made with gentle ingredients and still pillowy soft, Bumroll is the toilet paper to switch to.

To produce a single roll of toilet paper, an average of 140 liters of water is used.

I bet you are beginning to see how wasteful the competing toilet paper is. Everything Bumroll puts out into the world is sustainable, recyclable or compostable. Bumroll has immense care and love for our planet and does it’s part to take care of it.

Deforestation has so many negative side effects.

Twenty seven thousand trees are used every day to meet the daily need of toilet paper. That means a ton of animals are constantly losing their habitats, and it greatly disrupts the natural eco system. Bumroll is partnered with the National Forest Foundation to help reforest the planet. For every subscription box that is sold, Bumroll plants a tree! Bumroll is committed to contributing to earths depleting oxygen source.

One tree can make approximately 1500 toilet paper rolls.

A huge number of trees are chopped down every day in order to product toilet paper. That brings us right back to the importance of choosing Bumroll. Bumroll is partnered with the National Forest Foundation and plants trees!

Americans use approximately 50 pounds of toilet paper every year.

Toilet paper is something the majority of the world uses and purchases on a reoccurring basis. Do the research and spend your money on a toilet paper brand that is committed to loving and caring for our planet. Bumroll is committed to providing stable and safe employment, as well as ensuring that everything they put into the world is either compostable, sustainable or recyclable.

Bumroll is the best eco friendly toilet paper made in the U.S.A. and the one you need to switch to to help care for the planet.