100% Recycled Tissue Paper Going To Zero-Waste Living

100% Recycled Tissue Paper

There are many things we can do to reduce waste.

We should all be doing our part to reduce waste and make the earth a healthier place to live. By making small changes, and minor tweaks to our everyday living, we can collectively make a massive difference. Slowly moving to a zero-waste lifestyle can seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be that hard.

Zero-waste living is a movement to reduce the amount that one consumes and disposes of. Unfortunately, humans consume and dispose of a lot, and the zero-waste movement is trying to change it.

It promotes a sustainable way of living.

However, there are massive impacts on the climate and the environment from choosing a zero-waste way of living.  Zero-waste living is quite simple. Always reduce what you use. In the world we live in, we are constantly buying more and more and adding more and more into our life. Sometimes leaving us in a chaotic mess of "stuff." Choose to buy less. Adapt this concept in every area of your life—clothing, furniture, cable services, etc. As humans, we don't need so much.

Repair what breaks.

Instead of throwing items away, fix them. Maybe that might involve a YouTube tutorial of taking it apart and putting it back together, but that's okay. We should always be learning. Reduce your amount of waste by fixing things that break.

Take showers rather than baths.

Showers use approximately half the amount of water than baths. So switching to showers is a simple change you can make to incorporate zero-waste living into your life.

Switch to purchasing 100% recycled tissue paper.

Next time you need toilet paper, switch to Bumroll. Bumroll is a new toilet paper brand that is changing the way you think. Everything Bumroll puts into the world is either compostable, certified sustainable, or recyclable. Bumroll is a brand that cares about the planet and how we are treating it. With growing concern surrounding the deforestation of the earth, Bumroll is partnered with The National Forest Foundation and is planting trees. For every subscription box purchased, Bumroll, with The National Forest Foundation, plant one tree.

Bumroll toilet paper is a high-quality product made without any chemicals, bleach, dyes, or inks. It comes to you based on your desired delivery schedule, making it so convenient. You won't ever run out of toilet paper again! Arriving in a recycled and recyclable box and wrapped in recycled paper, every part of Bumroll toilet paper cares about the planet. Changing to this type of toilet paper is necessary for your experience with zero-waste living.

Collect rainwater

Don't let the rainwater go to waste. Instead, get a rain barrel or put a bucket out and collect it. You can use it to water your gardens and your grass and save on your water usage.

Use recyclable food containers and water bottles.

Use reusable containers and a reusable water bottle. Switching to reusable products is another simple step in the journey to zero-waste living