5 Reasons You Should Buy Recycled Toilet Paper Made In U.S.A

5 Reasons You Should Buy Recycled Toilet Paper Made In U.S.A

On an average day, approximately twenty-seven thousand trees are cut down per day to make toilet paper. 

Toilet paper is one of those necessary evils that we, as consumers, have to continuously be purchasing. Creating a lot of pollution, waste, and contributing to the deforestation of the earth, toilet paper is a concerning product. The amount that we use, and how often we purchase means that this is really a never-ending cycle. The most sustainable thing to do would be to of course give up toilet paper entirely. (However, if you’re anything like me, you’re definitely not doing this!) Consider switching to Bumroll - a recycled toilet paper made in the USA.

Bumroll gets delivered right to your doorstep, right when you need it!

Watch the mail for our recycled box and all your rolls of tissue will be inside. Simple, convenient and quick, Bumroll is the best-recycled toilet paper made in the U.S.A.

Using a recycled toilet paper, such as Bumroll, helps to preserve the earth’s trees and protect habitats.

Fewer trees need to be cut the more people use recycled products, so we are protecting the beautiful forests that are habitats to so many, and provide oxygen for us to breathe.

There is no bleach, chemicals, or dyes in Bumroll toilet paper.

When you purchase traditional toilet paper it is so white because it has been intensely bleached. Repeatedly. We, at Bumroll, don’t use any chemicals, inks, dyes or anything in the production of our toilet paper.

Using a recycled toilet paper like Bumroll means there is less water usage during production.

With the traditional production of toilet paper, there is a lot of water that is used to rinse the toilet paper from the chemicals and bleach. This process sometimes happens many times over to create the soft white toilet paper we see in the stores. This results in a lot of water waste. Making the switch to a recycled toilet paper such as Bumroll means you’re doing your part to protect water and the earth. It means that you support a brand that is driven by sustainability and kindness to the earth.

The entire production process of Bumroll recycled toilet paper is far less damaging to the environment than the production of traditional toilet paper.

We need to educate ourselves and each other so we can take care of the planet better and for longer. We recognize that at Bumroll and source everything in an ethical and sustainable way.

Recycled toilet paper is safe for all toilets and sewer systems.

Biodegradable, Bumroll toilet paper will give you no trouble in your sewer/drainage system. It is septic safe and perfect for all toilets.

I think it’s safe to say that the switch to Bumroll recycled toilet paper is worth it! 

Protecting our forests, preserving habitats, saving trees, and being free of chemicals and dyes, this toilet paper is quality and soft all in one.