Recycled Natural Toilet Paper Rolls

Recycled Natural Toilet Paper Rolls

5 Changes You Can Easily Make To Adapt An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Eco-friendly is a term that refers to not causing or bringing harm to the environment. Damage can be brought to the environment with the items we use, the products we throw away, and not purchasing eco-friendly products. Making a change to an eco-friendly lifestyle can take some effort, but it isn’t impossible. Making simple, slight changes can have a massive impact on the environment.

Swap out saran wrap for beeswax wrap. Beeswax canvas is very versatile and can be used for covering bowls and preserving food. Using beeswax wraps is sustainable and very friendly to the environment. In addition, it is a great tool that can help cut out the use of single-use plastic wrap.

Purchase a water bottle that you love and avoid using plastic water bottles. Reducing one less plastic water bottle ending up in a landfill does make a massive difference in the environment’s overall health. Invest in purchasing a water bottle you love and simply refill it throughout the day.

Substitute traditional toilet paper with recycled natural toilet paper rolls. Bumroll is a toilet paper brand that is committed to making a massive, positive environmental change. Everything Bumroll puts out into the world is either certified sustainable or recycled and recyclable. Bumroll is a brand that is highly eco-conscious and devoted to doing its part to help the environment. 

Bumroll is partnered with The National Forest Foundation and plants a tree for every subscription box purchased. The subscription box is, of course, recycled. These trees are planted in the U.S.. Bumroll is devoted to creating positive change in the way we see environmental health.

Swap your traditional toilet paper with reusable paper towels. This option is more sustainable and friendly to the planet. Simply clean with a reusable paper towel and toss it into the laundry. 

Don’t purchase plastic straws. Instead, opt for stainless steel metal ones. If you’re someone who loves smoothies, ensure you buy metal straws that are wide enough for easy passing through.

Commit to the discontinuation of plastic bags when you’re at the grocery store. Instead, invest in good-quality reusable bags to bring your groceries home. A countless number of plastic bags end up in the oceans and harm multiple marine animals. 

Instead of purchasing multiple books that sit on a book shelf collecting dust, switch to a kindle. This will cut down on the amount of space you need to store your books. It’s zero-waste and a simple change to make to commit to promoting environmental health.

Most plant-based cleaning solutions are versatile and can be used in many environments. Swapping your traditional cleaner for this promotes less waste and safer cleaning for your home, people and pets living there, as well as the environment. 

Making eco-friendly changes can have a massive impact on the environment. Start small and watch how your impact collectively grows.