7 Creative Uses of Toilet Papers

Creative Uses of Toilet Papers

Toilet papers is a classic staple in almost every American household! It is more popular now than ever before due to people stockpiling in masses due to the pandemic. It’s hard to imagine ever having “too much” toilet paper since it is such a necessity and will get used up no matter what. However, great value bath tissue can come in handy for many other things other than simply wiping your behind. Try out some of our useful tips below if you run out of other household products and make the most of your toilet paper!

  1. You can use Toilet Papers and Soft Toilet Paper as a make-up remover - Ladies will love this one! If you are tired of buying expensive make-up removing clothes, simply use some toilet paper with baby oil or eye wash to remove all the dirt and layers from your face after a long night out.
  2. Use as a toilet cover- Have you ever been to a party with lots of strangers where you just don’t feel comfortable sharing the bathroom with the crowd? You can use the toilet paper roll to cover the toilet seat to protect yourself from any germs that might otherwise transfer over! Another great idea is to pack a roll of toilet paper in your bag when going on your next hiking trip. You will thank yourself when you have something to cover the portable potty seat with just in case they ran out of toilet paper.
  3. Great for baby shower games - If you have been to a lot of baby showers, then you probably already know exactly which game I am talking about. It is the one where you wrap toilet paper around the mom’s belly and all of the guests have to guess how long that toilet paper chain is without measuring the belly themselves! It’s an extremely fun guessing game that will get the crowd riled up for sure. Buy some cute prizes for the winner (and runner up) and you will have thrown a baby shower the guests will remember for years to come!
  4. Substitute as a band-aid or gauze pad - If you have little ones that love to run around and injure themselves, you will appreciate this tip. You can use a couple pieces of Organic Toilet Paper and tape to soak the blood of an injured wound if you don’t have bandaids in your cabinet at that moment.
  5. Halloween - Toilet paper makes for a great mummy costume if you are on a tight budget or simply too lazy or busy to go to the store to buy a costume. Want another costume idea? Wrap a piece of cardboard around you (so it resembles a tube) and tape toilet paper on the outside. You can literally dress up as a roll of toilet paper for Halloween!
  6. Pranks - Who doesn’t love a toilet paper prank? If you are trying to play a joke on your friends or even mad at one of them
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