Best Sustainable Toilet Paper You Need In All Your Washrooms

Best Sustainable Toilet Paper You Need In All Your Washrooms

An estimated 326.38 million Americans used toilet paper in 2020. 

Now imagine how much toilet paper that amounts to if it’s toilet paper that is not recycled, or recyclable along with sustainable and compostable. The production of toilet paper is the cause of a lot of waste and pollution in the world. It uses a lot of trees, chemicals, and water to make that soft, spongey toilet paper we all know and love.

But, what if I told you that you can have all that with a toilet paper that is recyclable, compostable, and sustainable?

Bumroll is a toilet paper brand that truly cares about the environment not only for todays’ generation but also for future ones. Conscious of their environmental responsibility, Bumroll is a toilet paper brand that is aware of their carbon footprint. Everything they put into the planet is either 100% recyclable, sustainable or compostable. The materials are both ethically and locally sourced. Bumroll is the best sustainable toilet paper, and it’s made right in the United States.

We should be putting as much thought into our toilet paper as we do the color of towels we display in our washrooms.

Often we color coordinate our bathrooms and make it “Instagram worthy” right? And there isn’t anything wrong with that! Who doesn’t want a beautiful bathroom? Why not put that much thought into what we’re using INSIDE our bathrooms.

Think of all the uses of toilet paper.

Toilet paper is often used outside of the washroom as well as inside. Everything from cleaning up messes, spills, and wiping off makeup, toilet paper is so useful. But everything it’s used for also has to be disposed of as well. That’s why it’s important to use the best sustainable toilet paper in all your washrooms. Give your guests the good stuff too.

Never worry about running out again!

Bumroll knows the stress of making it to the grocery store on time, and potentially running out of toilet paper. (YIKES!!) That’s why they created this beautiful subscription service. Specifically created to a schedule that suits your needs best, you can choose how often deliveries occur. 

Bumroll toilet paper is soft and gentle.

Made without the use of chemicals, dyes, bleach or ink, Bumroll toilet paper is so gentle and perfect for even the most sensitive skin. You’re going to want this in all your bathrooms, believe me.

Bumroll toilet paper is perfect for all your needs.

Whether you are wiping the make-up off your face, or cleaning up your toddlers’ last spill, Bumroll toilet paper is absorbent, soft, and strong. All this while being environmentally friendly and conscious. 

Bumroll is a toilet paper that cares about the planet today and tomorrow.

By planting a tree for every subscription box purchased, Bumroll plants a tree with The National Forest Foundation. Bumroll is protecting the planet for today by being recyclable, sustainable and compostable, and protecting it for the future by planting trees.