Can You Use Scented Toilet Papers When Pregnant?

Can You Use Scented Toilet Papers When Pregnant

In most cases, women may experience volumetric vaginal discharge during the pregnancy stage. Even if the discharge is normal, it can make you feel uncomfortable. The discharge volume may increase with increasing pregnancy weeks. Some of them may even experience a discharge that is greenish, yellow or bloody in colour.

The general discharge may also contain bad odour. Do not leave it untreated for infections. It can lead to inflammation and itching. There are many ways to treat this condition and using environment friendly toilet paper is best.

  • Regular shower during this time will prove more helpful
  • Cotton ender pants are the best options to soak excess discharge
  • Proper sanitization is important to maintain

For sanitation reasons, quick soak types of toilet rolls are best. Toilet papers today are scented types. The paper roll will soak away excess discharge fluid at just the right time. It also kills bad odour that is common during pregnancy.

Helps maintain clean genitals

One of the most important uses of toilet mega rolls during pregnancy is to clean genital organs. The paper will absorb any type of discharge. The task is to be performed multiple times in a day, during this time.

This is one factor that guarantees that the genitals are maintained clean and hygiene. This is important so infections can be avoided.

Use it on toilet seats

During pregnancy, women have to maintain hygiene at a greater level. They very often may have to access toilet seats. If the seat is shared by many individuals then it may not be hygienic. This is a common issue with women who are working in an office.

Using toilet rolls on the toilet seat will prevent infection from spreading. If the paper is scented, then it may also kill the bad odour coming from the toilet. You can search for the best-scented toilet rolls in the market.

Urethra infection

Pregnancy is the time when women often face issues related to infection in the urethra. This may generally develop on account of bloody discharge. Regular cleaning is a must. This is why scented toilet rolls are best.

The most important benefit of this paper is that it can easily get inside the vaginal area. So the same paper can be used for cleaning the internal regions too. All types of infections can be prevented. This is one of the most important benefits of using scented toilet roll.

If you are pregnant then you should buy environmentally safe toilet paper. This is just as you need more toilet rolls during this time.

Prevents yeast infection

Vaginal discharge is a good breeding ground for yeasts. Once the area gets infected by yeast, it can lead to severe conditions. Inflammation is a common sign of this condition and it gets unbearable. This is why it has to be cleaned regularly.

Using scented toilet roll will ensure that the cleaning is more consistent. It prevents fungal growth in this region. It reduces smell and itch as well.

Rectal cleaning

Rectal cleaning is important as well during pregnancy. Scented toilet rolls can also be used or cleaning the rectal region. Bacterial and fungal growth is common during pregnancy and other times as well. Rectum has to be well cleaned so it is hygienic.

You can use toilet rolls for cleaning purpose. The paper is easy to maintain in your toilet or even at public toilets.

Cervical cancer

If infections develop in the cervical region, it can lead to cancer cell formations. You can buy scented soft toilet paper if you are pregnant. It will prevent cervical cancer formation. During pregnancy, you have to stay cautioned.

You can best use toilet rolls that are branded types. These are helpful during pregnancy time.