Don't Flush Paper Towels If You Want to Keep Costs Low!

Flush Paper

Toilet paper made headlines during the CoronaVirus Pandemic when shoppers rushed to the store to buy the product in mass amounts. The demand for toilet paper in the USA was far greater than manufacturers could push out the supply. The toilet paper shortage had many individuals wondering what alternatives they can use for toilet paper to wipe their behind. The most common substitutes seem to be paper towels and napkins.

However, paper towels and napkins are not as fit for the plumbing systems as traditional toilet paper. America's plumbing experts such as Roto-Rooter advise Americans that toilet paper is more likely to clog up their toilets. They are not designed to be flushed down the toilet. The bathroom paper are likely to get stuck in the toilet trap. The toilet trap is usually a P- or S-shaped bend placed under the toilet bowl. If the paper towel manages to escape the toilet trap, they can still get stuck farther down the pathway, which will form a clog inside the drain instead of the toilet. A clogged drain can result in a toilet that flushes poorly or is unable to flush at all.

Napkins and paper towels are thicker than toilet paper and do not dissolve as easily in water. They could cause your toilet water to back up. Plumbing experts also recommend against using facial cleansing wipes. However, facial wipes are a better option than paper towels if the user flushes more often and breaks the facial tissue down in smaller pieces.

To understand why toilet paper is the most suitable product for flushing down a toilet (as opposed to a paper towel or facial wipes), it is important to understand the three items' overall makeup. Toilet paper is designed specifically so that it can dissolve in water and keep the rates of clogged toilets down. On the other hand, paper towels have a more raised and rough surface. Paper towels were created with these features in mind because they were made in mind for clearing surfaces. The makeup of a paper towel needs to be highly durable. Facial tissues are a lot softer and meant to be used against bare skin. However, they have a silky surface which also does not make them as easily dissolvable in water as toilet paper.

Using paper towels instead of toilet paper can be an even worse idea for those individuals whose home plumbing system is dependent on a septic tank. Harder materials (i.e. paper towels) can easily get stuck in sewage pumps. Paper towel does not break down easily or quickly enough to flow down the septic system smoothly.

Many plumbing issues caused by clogged paper towels can become so severe that individuals end up needing professional plumbers to take care of the mess. Other materials that can easily clog toilets are disposable wet wipes, disposable gloves, and sanitary napkins.

If you run out of toilet paper, you might want to consider hopping in the shower or using water instead of another material that could clog your toilet. Hiring a professional to unclog your toilet will cost you a lot of money, so it is best to stock up on toilet paper in advance!

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