How Can You Make Your Home More Sustainable?

How Can You Make Your Home More Sustainable?

Mother nature has so many beautiful qualities, and it is important for us to preserve these qualities. Making the decision to practice a more sustainable lifestyle starts with your very own home. Toilet paper is a product that almost every American household needs to purchase. Therefore, making the choice to switch to a more environmentally friendly toilet paper will make your home more sustainable and help save our precious environment.

Switch to eco friendly toilet papers

Other toilet papers also use bleach to make toilet paper that beautiful white color we are used to seeing. We also whiten our toilet paper using safer methods than bleach. So you can directly shop from our website if you are looking for the best toilet paper in usa

Other toilet paper is also made in other countries. Bumroll toilet paper is made right here in the United States of America. By supporting our toilet paper, you will be supporting the American economy and helping to create more jobs for the current and future generations. Also, transporting toilet paper from overseas requires the use of a lot more resources than if the toilet paper is made locally. These resources can often harm the environment as well. 

Here are some other simple ideas to help you make your house more sustainable.

Start gardening inside your home

When America was forced to shut down because of the CoronaVirus Pandemic, many people were forced to get creative about how they can spend their time while stuck inside their homes. I personally know at least three people that took on indoor gardening as a new hobby during the pandemic. Now, this is a hobby I can get behind. Growing and looking after plants not only gives you a fun activity to do but also helps you live a green-friendly lifestyle. Plants breathe by inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. The additional oxygen being released in your home creates cleaner air and a healthier environment for you and your family to breathe in. The plants essentially work as an air filter by decreasing toxins in the environment. Other added benefits of indoor gardening include emotional therapy, teaching your kids a sense of responsibility by showing them how to care for plants, and adding a nice visual to your home. 

Heat your home the environmentally friendly way

Living in Chicago, where the winter months can make you shiver if you don’t dress appropriately, I can understand the comfort you get from sitting inside your cozy, heated home. However, traditional methods of heating your home involve burning fossil fuels, which has several adverse effects on the environment. There are various alternatives to traditional heating that will help you save the earth. If you have a gas boiler in your home, try replacing it with a combi-boiler, which will save a lot more energy and cut down costs for you as well. You will also want to insulate any ceilings or walls to prevent heat from escaping your home.

Geothermal heating is another way to make your home more eco-friendly. Traditional heating systems using outside air to heat your home. That means the colder the weather is outside; the more energy will be needed to heat up your home. The geothermal heating system is set up underneath the earth’s surface. Since it is warmer beneath the earth’s surface than on the actual surface, less energy is needed to heat up the inside of your home. Installing a geothermal heating system can initially be an expensive cost for you, but you will save money on your heating bill years down the road.

Save Water, Save the Planet

Many people will use more water than they need to on a daily basis. One way to practice more sustainable living is to make conscious decisions that help save the water in your home. Make sure you are not letting the faucet run unnecessarily when you are doing your dishes. Get in the habit of turning the faucet off while shaving. While changing some of your habits might cause you slight discomfort in the beginning, you are protecting the natural resources of beautiful mother nature. You will also be happy to see your significantly lower water bill at the end of the month.

Another unique way to save water is to invest in a rainwater tank for your home. Mother nature showers us with the gift of water, and yet most of us let it go to waste. Using a tank to collect the water every time it rains not only helps you cut down your water costs, but helps save the environment as well. Using a rainwater tank can help reduce using mains water. This has many positive effects on the environment, such as protecting the environmental river flows. It can also decrease costs needed to operate infrastructure. Using rainwater can also decrease the need for desalination plants or new dams. Households can use their collected rainwater in various ways, such as using it to flush the toilet or wash their clothes. 

Using Accessories That Save Energy

You can also create a sustainable home by switching out small items for more environmentally friendly options. Switch out your fluorescent light bulbs with LED bulbs. LED bulbs last longer, help you save energy. Listed below are other small ways you can make your home more environmentally friendly.

  • Regularly clean the filter in your clothes drying machine to save energy
  • Properly clean the coils of your refrigerator. This allows the fridge to use less power
  • Use the cold water setting on your machine when washing your clothes to save hot water

Truly, it is our responsibility as a community to help protect the beautiful earth that we live in. We can all make a positive change by simply changing some of our lifestyle habits and using more environmentally safe toilet paper in our home. Check out our  11 Creative Uses for Toilet Paper