Ethical Toilet Paper Made In The USA

Sustainable Toilet Paper Brands

Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Brand (P.S. Choose Bumroll!)

Toilet paper is one of those necessary evils we all have to purchase. Producing toilet paper contributes to a massive amount of pollution and waste in the environment. It’s something to pay attention to when choosing a toilet paper brand to support. Choosing wisely can contribute to positive environmental impacts. Whatever you spend your money on, whether intentionally or not, that is you choosing those brands to support. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the brand of toilet paper you’re supporting, along with my personal recommendation for the best ethical toilet paper made in the U.S.A.

Who are they?

What is the name of the brand and what do they stand for? Enter - Bumroll. Bumroll is the maker behind the best ethically made, eco-friendly toilet paper. Bumroll is a new and innovative toilet paper brand coming in and smashing the standards for what toilet paper is. Bumroll has created an incredibly high quality toilet paper with our environment at heart. How many toilet paper brands can say that? Over at Bumroll, we genuinely care about keeping earth a beautiful and healthy place for many generations to come.

What do they stand for?

Remember - where you put your money is essentially what you’re supporting. Do some research and put your money into brands that care. Bumroll is a brand that you can be proud of what they do, how they conduct themselves, and that they are continuously giving back to our planet.

What makes the brand different from any other toilet paper brand?

If you’re looking to switch, then you’re looking for something different right? Whatever you look for in a brand, Bumroll has it covered. From the look, to the quality product, along with being an active part of the community and caring about environmental health. Maybe you love the aesthetic of a brand and Bumroll definitely pleases you there. Bumroll features a beautiful, light blue color. Soft and gentle, Bumrolls aesthetic is just like their toilet paper. Everything Bumroll puts into the world is either recyclable, sustainable, or compostable. Environmental health is at the forefront of every step in the process for Bumroll.

Does the brand give back in some way?

How many toilet paper brands give back to the environment? Bumroll does, and continues to do so. For every subscription box sold, Bumroll plants a tree. Partnered with the National Forest Foundation Bumroll is always giving back. We locally and ethically source all materials. Bumroll provides great employment opportunities for the local community, giving stable and safe careers that workers and families can trust and count on.

What is the cost?

Maybe you’re thinking that all this goodness of Bumroll ends up resulting in a hefty bill? Bumroll works very hard to give back, plant trees, and provide a great quality toilet paper that is eco-friendly at a competitive price compared to traditional papers.