Ethical Toilet Paper Made In USA - Reasons Why You Should Buy It, And Care About It

Reasons Why You Should Buy It, And Care About It

Ethical Toilet Paper Made In USA

Toilet paper is something the vast majority of the population purchases.

Maybe every two weeks, maybe once a month, whatever it is, it’s definitely a recurring cost. We’re constantly flushing toilet paper down the toilet and not giving it any more thought. Today I’m sharing reasons why you should buy ethical toilet paper made in the USA and why you should care. Today I’m sharing with you the best ethical toilet paper made in the USA - Bumroll.

Before I get into all the reasons about how awesome Bumroll is, let me tell you about the brand first.

This is a brand that is actually committed to bettering the earth. This is a brand that wants the planet to be a beautiful healthy space for generations to come. Bumroll is the toilet paper that you should be buying to better the planet and to make intentional purchases.

  1. 27,000 trees are cut down everyday simply for the production of toilet paper. That is A LOT of trees! Bumroll is committed to reforesting the planet. They’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree every time a subscription box is purchased.
  2. If all those trees are cut down, that means earth is losing oxygen. Bumroll cares about this, and so should you. Think about YOUR children, or your grandchildren, or even great grandchildren. Be a part of making the earth healthy and beautiful for them.
  3. A lot of water is used in the production of toilet paper. Traditional toilet paper is bleached many times. (That’s how it becomes so white), whereas Bumroll is recycled, reducing water waste and creating toilet paper without bleach. 
  4. Bumroll is local and produces it’s toilet paper right here in the USA, making it the best ethical, and eco-friendly toilet paper in America. Not all traditional toilet paper brands are produced in the USA, and here’s why you should care. It keeps the jobs and money flowing right here in our country. Who knows, it might just provide your son their first job even! Supporting local businesses is supporting the future. The future of the economy, as well as the future generation. 
  5. With the production of Bumroll being local, it reduces pollution on earth from the creation of it. It doesn’t have to be shipped from another country, or anything like that. Bumroll is right here - producing the best ethical toilet paper in the USA, and providing stable employment for its workers.
  6. Bumroll is chemical, ink and dye free. Right to the packaging. These chemicals can lead to environmental harm. Traditional toilet paper companies do this to get the toilet paper spongy soft and white. Bumroll has other ways that don’t involve harming the planet! Bumroll is the best ethical toilet paper in the USA and the one you should switch to the next time you buy toilet paper.

Bumroll is a brand that truly cares for the planet.

Make the purchase of toilet paper be an intentional one, and choose Bumroll. Choose a brand that chooses our planet