How We Are Solving the World’s Problems

Solving the World’s Problems

The world has many problems and struggles that often we feel that we can’t change. But, by choosing Bumroll, you are being a part of the solution rather than the problem. Bumroll works hard to be 100% sustainable and support American careers. This is toilet paper made in the USA. Ethically sourced and locally made, Bumroll has created a product that is strong, absorbent, soft and helps to solve the world’s problems.

Bumroll plants trees.

Bumroll is committed to growing the earths forests and treed land. For every subscription box purchased, Bumroll donates to The National Forest Foundation to plant 1 tree. The National Forest Foundation planted 5.6 million trees in 2020, which is more than 18,000 acres that got to be reforested. Bumroll creates and sustains jobs by supporting the forestry sector, for workers and their families. 

The importance of trees is undeniable and needs to be better understood.

Trees help to clean the air we breathe and filter the water we drink. Trees are home to animals and creatures, as well as their large leafy branches provide shade. The forestry industry provides thousands of job opportunities and career growth for professionals in the field. 

The benefits of trees.

Trees have been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety. Their calming nature helps people feel reconnected to nature, and slow down. The bark of trees has various healing/medicinal properties and leaves can be used to treat even the common cold. Various skin conditions, sore throats and other medical conditions can be treated with different parts of the tree.

The use of toilet paper.

Most people use around 20,000 sheets of toilet paper per year. (100 rolls.) Ten million trees each year are used to make toilet paper. Approximately 384 trees are used in an average life time solely in the form of toilet paper. Eighty-three million rolls are produced each day. Bathroom tissue or Toilet paper clearly uses a lot of trees, and that’s why Bumroll plants them. Bumroll is committed to providing a beautiful green earth for today, tomorrow and forever.

For every subscription box purchased, Bumroll plants a tree.

Bumroll is committed to reducing waste and creating a product that is, not only affordable, but also 100% sustainable and gives back to the earth. By planting trees, Bumroll is saving the earth for future generations. Bumroll is contributing to having access to clean breathing air, along with clean water to drink. It’s committed to being locally and ethically sourced, providing jobs for workers and stability for their families, along with career growth and possibilities for their future. 

Ethical and locally sourced toilet paper.

Bumroll toilet paper or bathroom tissue is ethically and locally sourced, providing safe and secure employment and supporting local suppliers right in America. Planting trees means Bumroll is giving back to the worlds’ oxygen source, and providing safe, clean water. Ten million trees are used every single year simply to make toilet paper and Bumroll is committed to giving back to earths’ forests. Trees are such an integral part of life, and should be valued and cared for.