Lack of Oxygen for Future Generations

Lack of Oxygen

There is cause for serious concern regarding earths’ depleting oxygen. 

And with that being said, it might feel like you can’t do anything to help the situation now, when the concern isn’t going to happen for billions of years. But every little bit helps. A big idea is just a whole bunch of tiny ideas all compacted together. You get to choose to be a tiny part in the big idea.

Humans chop trees down, and Bumroll is planting them.

Bumroll has partnered with The National Forest Foundation who planted 5.6 million trees in 2020, which is more than 18,000 acres being reforested. For every subscription box purchased, Bumroll plants a tree. Bumroll is toilet tissue paper made in the USA. Bumroll is invested in ensuring adequate oxygen supply for generations to come.

Trees don’t get enough credit.

When was the last time you stopped and hugged a tree? Okay, what about, just stopped and appreciated a tree? Trees are incredible. They release oxygen for us to breathe when they use energy from the sunlight. Trees are made up of just a few simple parts. Leaves, stems, trunk, and roots. Every single one of these have an important purpose. Trees are made up roughly of 5% leaves, 15% stems, 60% trunk and 20% roots. One large/mature tree can provide a days’ supply of oxygen for four people. 

Trees release oxygen.

You got it! That’s what we breathe in. Oxygen is released by the tree. So, trees are absolutely necessary for life. Bumroll appreciates trees and understands their value in the world, and that’s why everything they release into the world is either recyclable, compostable, or certified sustainable. 

Bumroll is contributing to the oxygen level for generations to come.

By planting trees, we’re contributing to the employment of our fellow citizens, along with ensuring adequate oxygen supply for the people who come after us. Using the process of photosynthesis, leaves on trees pull in carbon dioxide and water. They require very little effort from humans. Earth’s atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Earth is losing oxygen daily as humans chop down trees. Bumroll is planting them. 

We all have to buy toilet tissue paper, so why not buy something sustainable and from a brand that is committed to giving back to earth.

Bumroll is planting one tree for every subscription box sold. You can contribute to the future oxygen source by purchasing this sustainable paper. It’s something you have to purchase anyway, so purchase with intention and from a brand that is committed to giving back. Choose to be a part of solution rather than a part of the problem. Bumroll is part of the solution.

Be a part of the solution, and take care of earth.

Regular toilet paper takes a lot of trees to create. Bumroll has fixed this situation and has a toilet paper that is sustainable and plants trees. It’s toilet paper that gives back for the future.