Softest Sustainable Toilet Paper - Everything From Production To Purchase

Softest Sustainable Toilet Paper

The average American uses approximately 100 rolls of single toilet paper every year. When purchasing the toilet paper there are a few things we think about. Common things are how soft the toilet paper is, what the brand is, how many rolls come in a pack, and what the price is. If it’s a new brand you’re considering then perhaps you read up on previous customers' thoughts to ensure it’s a great product.

How does toilet paper become soft?

Regular toilet paper is made with a combination of hardwood and softwood trees. Both of these kinds of trees have a benefit to toilet paper. The trees that have the shorter fibers make the softer toilet paper.  Bumroll is an eco-friendly and sustainable toilet paper brand that has combined quality toilet paper with environmentally safe toilet paper to create a wonderfully soft toilet paper. Other things to keep in mind are the amount of water waste that happens due to the repeated rinse cycle in the production process. This is to get rid of the bleach which is used to whiten the toilet paper. Everything Bumroll puts onto the planet is either certified sustainable, recyclable, or compostable. Bumroll cares both about providing a quality toilet paper product as well as taking care of the health of the planet for the now and for future generations.

What brand is the toilet paper and what do they stand for?

The softest sustainable toilet paper is made by Bumroll. Locally sourcing all of their materials, Bumroll provides stable and secure employment as well as awesome toilet paper. Bumroll is also partnered with The National Forest Foundation and is committed to reforesting the planet. On average, 27,000 trees are cut down each day for the production of toilet paper, and Bumroll plants one for every subscription box purchased. That means by choosing Bumroll toilet paper, you’re choosing a brand that values environmental health as well as our oxygen source. Bumroll cares deeply for the planet and about creating a product of value and quality while spreading love of the planet. Bumroll toilet paper is 100% recyclable and safe for every septic/sewer system, so it can be used everywhere!

How many rolls come in a toilet paper roll pack?

Bumroll packs 12 toilet paper rolls into a recyclable box and delivers it to you based on your wants and needs. How many toilet paper brands do that? Choose between receiving a shipment every 2-8 weeks. Bumroll understands and values that every household's needs are different and unique and that’s why Bumroll offers this. 

What is the price?

Purchased as a recurring delivery Bumroll toilet paper is only $29.75. You save 15% when you choose this option. The regular price is $35.00, and then you run the risk of running out! Sign up for the recurring delivery option to never run out, and save 15%.

Bumroll makes the softest, and best quality, sustainable toilet paper.