Sustainable Toilet Tissue - Understanding Why You Should Care About Pollution

Sustainable Toilet Tissue Understanding Why You Should Care About Pollution

I find the word eco-friendly to be such a trend word. What I mean when I say that is that it’s common and popular to be eco-friendly and have an eco-friendly lifestyle, but how common is it that people know what being eco-friendly is or how integral it is to sustain the longevity of the earth. It’s been proven that more than ninety-five percent of the planet lives with polluted water, noise, air, or land. As a result, the earth’s health has rapidly declined, especially in the last few years.

There are many forms of pollution. For example, breathing in smoke or dust is pollution for the lungs. If water is contaminated with sewage, then the water is polluted. It’s estimated that three out of ten people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water. Sewage in water transmits germs and bacteria to humans, potentially making them sick or die. Air pollution is caused by poisonous gasses, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and much more. Air pollution has a massive impact on the world. It is the cause of global warming. The number of droughts experienced has increased along with severely hot weather. This has been a general topic of conversation in the last few years.

Land pollution is a severe problem. It’s estimated that the average person in the United States throws out four a half pounds of garbage every single day. As a result, landfills are overflowing with trash, and the earth is being harmed significantly. Toilet paper is one of the most wasteful products on earth. Everything from production to the usage creates an abundance of waste. It requires 37 gallons of water to produce just one roll of toilet paper. Toilet paper’s life span is concise, and so it is not energy-efficient whatsoever. It’s something we continuously buy and continuously dispose of.

So while you’re pondering toilet paper, let me introduce you to a concept—eco-friendly toilet paper. Bumroll toilet paper is a great toilet paper brand that is 100% committed to the planet’s health. Everything Bumroll puts into the world is either recycled, sustainable or compostable. Maintaining and even improving the health of the environment is a crucial principle to Bumroll.

Bumroll is partnered with the National Forest Foundation and has committed to planting a tree every time a subscription box is purchased. Setting up your subscription with Bumroll is effortless. It requires going to the website and choosing the frequency of your deliveries to suit the needs of your household. Then it’s shipped directly to your doorstep. You never have to worry about forgetting toilet paper at the grocery store again. Bumroll will just routinely send a box of toilet paper when it’s time, based on your subscription choices.

It’s essential to purchase items from brands and companies committed to positive change in the world. That is how the world moves forward in a healthy and thriving way