The Best Kept Secret - Ethical Toilet Paper Made in the USA

The Best Kept Secret - Ethical Toilet Paper Made in the USA

Toilet paper, or bathroom tissue, is a household staple.

It’s something nearly everyone purchases on a recurring basis. And while the production of toilet paper has come a very long way, some brands still have a ways to go to ensure the highest standards are upheld.

Toilet paper used to have splinters, and that was “normal”.

It hasn’t been that long since toilet paper is smooth and soft. An ethical toilet paper brand that is made in the USA that values the quality of their toilet paper is Bumroll. Bumroll toilet paper, though fabricated differently than traditional toilet papers, is soft, and does not compromise quality to ensure environmental safety. Bumroll follows high procedures, ensuring the softest toilet paper and maintaining environmental health.

Americans use a lot of toilet paper. The average American uses 57 squares of toilet paper per day. 

Therefore contributing to so much waste! So much waste is attributed to the use of toilet paper. By intentionally choosing an ethical toilet paper made in the USA, you also contribute to less waste and pollution.

Everything that Bumroll puts into the planet is sustainable, recyclable, or compostable.

Maybe this isn’t the first thing on your priority list, but you get to choose where you spend your money. Putting a true value on environmental health, Bumroll is the toilet paper brand to go with. We produce toilet paper that is ink free, dye free, and chemical free. Bumroll cares about the environment and planet and is committed to showing that with quality toilet paper as well. Everything from the packaging, the box, the wrapping and the toilet paper is either recyclable, sustainable or compostable. We keep the earth and its environmental health at the forefront of our minds throughout the entire production process.

Bumroll is an ethical toilet paper brand that plants trees.

Did you know approximately 27,000 trees are cut down each day simply for the production of toilet paper? Earth is losing oxygen every day because of this. Bumroll is partnered with The National Forest Foundation and plants 1 tree for every subscription box sold. We are committed to adding to the earth's depleting oxygen source and to keep our planet healthy for many generations to come.

Bumroll is local.

Spend your money in the USA and support local. Bumroll is a local toilet paper company that takes the time to ethically source sustainable materials to create our toilet paper. Smooth, soft, and definitely splinter free - Bumroll is the best purchase you’ll make!

Bumroll is the best subscription service you’ll buy.

Never worry about running out of toilet paper again by signing up for Bumroll’s subscription service. Customize your delivery time to suit your needs perfectly and choose a recurring delivery every 2-8 weeks. This will ensure you never run out, as well as easing the anxiety of worrying about adding it to your grocery list! We take that stress away with our subscription box