Sustainable Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper And The Importance of Buying Eco-Friendly

Sustainable Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper The Importance of Buying  Eco-Friendly

Fourteen billion pounds of waste end up in our oceans every year.

The majority of that waste is plastic. Unfortunately, the world recycles only 9% of the plastic it produces. Therefore, there is significant importance in buying products that support eco-friendly living. Eco-friendly meaning that in the creation/consumption, less harm came to the environment or will come to the environment. It is for this reason why it’s essential to buy eco-friendly items always. It’s equally as important to switch to sustainable, eco friendly toilet paper. Sustainable, eco friendly toilet paper reduces the deforestation of the plane and you from being exposed to harmful chemicals.

Using eco-friendly products helps to minimize your carbon footprint.

Doing this will directly help the health of the planet. Bumroll toilet paper is a brand that has it’s intently focused on not creating any environmental harm. Bumroll produces sustainable, eco friendly toilet paper that is absorbent and soft. It is shipped in a recycled box, and each roll is wrapped in recycled paper. Bumroll has eliminated plastic entirely from their toilet paper. 

The average adult uses 20,000 sheets of toilet paper per year.

 That amount of toilet paper ends up amounting to a substantial amount of waste. Switching to an eco-friendly and sustainable toilet paper means that you aren’t contributing to this waste. Switching to sustainable, eco-friendly toilet paper helps to preserve the environment significantly. 

Bumroll intends not to create/cause harm to the environment.

Bumroll is so committed to the health of the environment that they partnered with the National Forest Foundation in a collective effort to reforest the planet. The deforestation of the earth is a problem we should all be aware of. Bumroll is committed to preserving the environment. For every subscription box purchased from Bumroll, they will plant a tree.

Switching to eco-friendly and sustainable products helps to do your part in helping the environment.

Bumroll is sustainable, eco-friendly toilet paper. Everything is locally and ethically sourced in the production. Using eco-friendly products helps to conserve energy and reduce pollution. Buying eco-friendly products will slowly help make the earth a healthier place for us to live and future generations. It’s normal for it to feel like making a slight change won’t impact the world, but in fact, it does. If everyone made the switch to purchasing only eco-friendly products, and everyone’s first thought was the environment’s health, then the environment wouldn’t be in the shape that it’s currently in right now. The earth is where we live, and it’s where our future generations will live as well. It’s essential to protect our forests, our water sources and decrease the pollution and the amount of energy we consume. Making a switch to eco-friendly sustainable toilet paper is a simple switch and one that is immensely impactful, as well as it’s setting an excellent example for any little eyes watching. Bumroll is a brand that cares about the environment and is trying to inspire you to care too